Below are our lovely officers and distinguished members. An (incomplete but computable) list of former officers is below.

Korinna Frangias (she/her)
kfrangias (at)
Hi! I am a fourth year EECS major, I spend more time with Bob and Alice than with my friends, and it's been suggested that Sipser stole his "Theory of Computation" from my fourth grade paper.
Catherine Huang (she/her)
Vice President
thecatherinehuang (at)
Lover of sustenance and theory.
Reina Wang (she/her)
Marketing Co-chair
reinaw1012 (at)
Third year EECS major. Would rather write proofs than a creative bio.
Tianchen Liu (he/him)
Interactive Prover
tianchenliu (at)
The Jianbings in Berkeley cost $14 and I really wish they were cheaper, but the $5 BAMPFA movies kinda make up for it.
Tynan Sigg (he/him)
Zero-Knowledge Person
tsigg (at)
I was once the world’s youngest person, have more arms than average, and can guess the solutions to NP-complete problems with 50% probability. In my free time I can be found mountain biking, untangling qubits, playing cello, and replacing the tape in my Turing machine.
Kevin An
undirected graph director
kevinan (at)
I can prove anything! Proof: I sometimes make mistakes. Apply ex falso sequitur quodlibet.
Ronit Nath (he/him)
Marketing Co-Chair
ronitnath (at)
Class of 2024 CS & MCB, humanity shall have cities among the stars, and we're going to build them.
David Zhang (he/him)
Two-Armed Bandit
dzh (at)
Empirically shown to exhibit unbounded regret.

Alumni/Former Officers

Kobe(Yimeng) Wang
Random Member Generator
wangyimeng98 (at)
With high probability I am random.
Aditya Subramanian
Lazy Propagator
subru (at)
Non-resident member of the club, who resides on flat Earth. Proof? The Earth is four-colorable, hence the Earth is planar.
Alex Yu
Random Canadian Traveler
sxyu (at)
I'm a second-year CS and Math major from Canada, aka. doriath.
Antares Chen
Member in Spirit
antaresc (at)
Do you ever stare at your toaster and wonder, "why ducks?"
Debayan Band
The Naïve Solution
debayanband (at)
To be sure, I spend most of my time scrapping together physics psets with help from my peers—multiplicative weights, anyone?—and bashing my head against NullPointers. While many people make complex jokes that draw many novel connections between different topics, my humor is a lot planar.
Gabriel Chen
Turing Machine Tape Feeder
gabrielchen (at)
A human being who believes the first part of Gödel's disjunction. A wonderer of life who carries her laptop for LaTeX.
James Hulett
Chief "Why Is This Guy Still Here?" Officer
jhulett (at)
I actually graduated last year so to be sure I *also* don't know why I'm still here. Though I am quite curious if you can include emoji in this description. 🤔💻👨 I guess I'll know if that worked once this goes on the website.
Jeff Xu
Vice President
Third year CS and Math major and believer in the "so and so" optimality .
Jiazheng Zhao
Resident Clique Planter
This margin is too narrow to contain the description of myself. (bad joke haha)
Jonathan Liu
liujon23 (at)
Fourth-year Math/CS student. Holds as the core tenet of modern civilization that all foods can be classified as soup, salad, and/or sandwich.
Max Ovsiankin
Who Knows
I do things, sometimes. I wish this were true more often.
Natalie Parham
natalieparham (at)
Fourth year EECS student. wooohooo theory.
Rahul Tewari
Information Theoretically a Group Member
rahul.tewari (at)
I have been hiding the polynomial time solution to three-SAT under my matress and no-one has noticed.
Sylvia Jin (she/her)
TeX Support
swjin (at)
frontend web develooper busy force-pushing to master. math major who has infiltrated this club
Victor Yau (he/him)
victoryau (at)
Looking for funding. With money, I'd start an NFT collection and buy game cosmetics. Outside of work, I like reading fantasy, playing poker, and attempting badminton.
Vishnu Iyer
Traveling Salesman
vishnu.iyer (at)
Third year EECS undergraduate. The remainder of this description is left as an exercise to the reader.
William Yang
Naive Tree Hugger
william_yang (at)
Not the fastest algorithm in the books but will work hard to eventually solve your problems.