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Berkeley is one of the cradles of theoretical computer science, a subject of study at the intersection of computer science and mathematics. The Undergraduate Theoretical Computer Science at Berkeley (UGTCS) is a broader community for students of all interests and backgrounds to learn and get involved in this beautiful subject.

Through social events, study groups, reading groups, seminars, and panels, we explore the mathematical foundations of CS as well as its intrinsic connections other studies: economics through computational game theory and mechanism design, physics through random structures and quantum computing, biology, and mathematics. We make our events not only educational and enlightening, but also approachable and fun.

To get involved, join our discord through this link: (only valid until 12/7 - afterwards, email for access)


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Welcome back! (+ Upcoming Events)

August 25, 2020 • UGTCS Team

Welcome back—we hope that all of you are healthy and safe! We’re all living in truly unprecedented times, facing now the prospect of a fully virtual fall semester. Despite the unique set of challenges this presents, we at UGTCS are still committed to fostering community for students interested in theoretical computer science.

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Reading Groups

Every semester UGTCS hosts one or more reading groups, which meet weekly to talk about papers for a certain topic. These are a fantastic opportunity to learn interesting topics in more depth.

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UGTCS social

Our members often take on research projects in CS theory advised by Berkeley professors or graduate students. We are pioneering some initiatives so that members can do research within the club, with the goal of making CS theory research less daunting.


We have several venues for community, including an active Slack workspace. We are also closely connected to the Berkeley theory community at large. Some subset of us is always present at Theory Lunch, Wednesdays at 12pm in the Wozniak Lounge.


We host at least one really fun social every semester. It's always a fantastic time to joke around about theory, and meet people who are interested in the subject!

UGTCS social

As a research-heavy club, many of our members are interested in graduate school. We are planning to host events such as a graduate student panel and grad school workshop, to make this sometimes complicated and scary process a little easier!

UGTCS sp20 gm

Once in a while, we get cool stuff like stickers or branded jackets!

Something Else?

Interested in starting something new? Have an idea you would like to try in theory? Get in touch with us!