About Us

Berkeley is one of the cradles of modern theoretical computer science. Over the last thirty years, our students and professors have contributed to fundamental progress in complexity theory, optimization, algorithmic game theory, cryptography, quantum computing and more. Within these areas, we see a thriving interest among undergraduates that is stronger than it has been before, but at the same time, many of our classmates also find these areas largely unapproachable.

From students who are still taking CS70 to those who have already finished graduate seminar courses in theory, our goal is to create a broader community for students of all interests and backgrounds to learn and get involved in theoretical computer science. Through social events, study groups, talks, seminars, and annual decals, we hope to explore the mathematical foundations of CS as well as its intrinsic connections other studies: economics through computational game theory and mechanism design, physics through random structures and quantum computing, biology, and mathematics.

We try to make our events not only educative and enlightening, but also approachable and fun. If you're interested, here are some ways you can get involved!

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Meet our Members

Antares Chen
antaresc (at) berkeley.edu
Do you ever stare at your toaster and wonder, "why ducks?"
Jeff Xu
Vice President
jeffxusichao (at) berkeley.edu
Third year CS and Math major and believer in the "so and so" optimality .
James Hulett
Head of Avoiding Giving Presentations
jhulett (at) berkeley.edu
I'm a fourth-year CS and Math double major. I spell Math without an "s" but pronounce it with one, just to make sure I annoy both Americans and British people.
Jiazheng Zhao
Resident Clique Planter
This margin is too narrow to contain the description of myself. (bad joke haha)
Vishnu Iyer
Traveling Salesman
vishnu.iyer (at) berkeley.edu
Third year EECS undergraduate. The remainder of this description is left as an exercise to the reader.
William Yang
Naive Tree Hugger
william_yang (at) berkeley.edu
Not the fastest algorithm in the books but will work hard to eventually solve your problems.
Debayan Band
The Naïve Solution
debayanband (at) berkeley.edu
To be sure, I spend most of my time scrapping together physics psets with help from my peers—multiplicative weights, anyone?—and bashing my head against NullPointers. While many people make complex jokes that draw many novel connections between different topics, my humor is a lot planar.
Max Ovsiankin
Theoretical "Computer Scientist"
I'm the one without a sense of humor.
Jonathan Liu
Food Group Theorist
hualinster (at) berkeley.edu
Third-year Math/CS student. Holds as the core tenet of modern civilization that all foods can be classified as soup, salad, and/or sandwich.
Alex Yu
Random Canadian Traveler
sxyu (at) berkeley.edu
I'm a second-year CS and Math major from Canada, aka. doriath.
Gabriel Chen
Turing Machine Tape Feeder
gabrielchen (at) berkeley.edu
A human being who believes the first part of Gödel's disjunction.
A wonderer of life who carries her laptop for LaTeX.